Pete Davidson’s name has been coming out of Kanye West’s mouth non-stop over the past few weeks, and among the many rumours that the father of four spread about the 28-year-old was one in particular that especially didn’t sit right with fans regarding the comedian’s former relationship with Ariana Grande.

In a since-deleted post shared to his feed, Ye alleged that “[Davidson] is said to have sent intimate photos with Ariana to Mac Miller, [as] a way to end the rapper’s hopes of rekindling a relationship with her. Ariana discover this by Mac’s relatives, and ended the relationship.”

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

“NO COMMENT,” the Yeezus rapper captioned the screenshot, which earned plenty of attention from people who shared that they didn’t feel right about him bringing the late “Donald Trump” hitmaker into his ongoing divorce drama.

Thanks to a new report from TMZ, we now know that Ye’s claims are likely untrue – according to Ariana’s brother, Frankie, anyway. The publication caught up with the entertainer at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles, where they asked him for his thoughts on Ye’s IG antics.

Frankie shared that he’s “never heard this to be true,” and chalked it up to the Yeezy designer “looking to stir the pot now that Pete is dating Kim.” Although the rumour is a “nasty” one, Frankie chose to take the high road, telling the camera that he wishes everyone involved “nothing but the best.”

The former Big Brother contestant added that “he would never spread rumours about someone or insert himself in someone else’s business,” and that he “hopes folks like Kanye follow his lead, [but] he doesn’t want to control anyone.” Frankie also told TMZ that “anyone, gay or straight, would want to date Kim.”


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