37 thoughts on “FREE/ kendrick lamar x jay rock x future x schoolboy Q type beat – 'outside'

  • March 17, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Hey Scorpio Prodz
    I love the instrumental
    I though it was really fire
    I did a live recording freestyle to it
    For promotional use only
    I hope to get your blessings
    Much gratitude and appreciation
    Keep up the good work
    I put the link to the video at the end of the comment


  • March 17, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Robie siano skacze jak pojebany
    Nie mam szczęścia ale mam na browar szczęścia gibon zejścia nowe przejścia otwierane ja dopiero zbieram manę
    Śruba wkręca się w membranę
    Głowa luźna w niej testament zapisane wyjścia i tak nie dojdą do skutku wokół kilku ludkow uchronionych od smutków od głupków znów ruch przy tym buch buch luz luz kush kush topy wielkie jak bloki wypierdala nogi mi z podłogi wchodzę w nowe przestrzenie astrologia w śnie widzę natchnienie w nich

  • March 17, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Green light {x3}
    On go mode till the whole team right
    Three wrong to the left don’t seem right
    Put weight on the scale hope the beam right
    In my mind I’m off I don’t seem right
    Put racks on the rack get the green light
    Rudolph on ya head with the red light
    Move wrong in the casket ya dead right

    Toosi move like meech and toosi
    Groupie gaped her legs in the two seat
    Owe sports illustrate her in a two peice
    College rule bitch rip right through loose leaf
    Room service ready standby with new sheets
    Stuck in my ways Gotta find mind me a new beat
    I run this shit Usain with a new beat
    Give her oui oui pussé so fleek
    Strong minds move through the week
    Conquer the mills over all of the Meeks
    Rats in the trap pillow talk in they sleep
    TLC on a bitch when I creep
    Go ape shit King Kong with a AK
    Mass homicide in malice yelling mayday
    Twitch with a glitch 2 bucks to 2k
    Trump over ducks breeze through new toupee

    I gave you a chance to live your dreams
    Frustrating fantasy
    It’s a Spaulding so how can’t you handle me
    The flow is damaging
    Fuck yo favorite rapper his lyrics garbage and his chain is fake
    If you know Swisha I won’t fake the issue
    I was made this way
    Post on the block number boost my stock
    High beef I raise the stakes

    Swisha at your function
    Turnt always dont do discussions
    Fonts leaf filled up with onions
    Dooby snacks smoke the Funyuns

    Jesus bless my pieces
    freak from the east gone top me for a snicker
    Nuts like Reese’s pieces
    Seen nothing but ass I think ha name was peaches

    I know you tried
    But I see through your lies, just open up yo thighs
    But you can’t stay the night , that’s just life , yo Uber pool outside

    Get money stack my ends up
    Take care my mother
    Blow the blicky
    If they poppin shit
    Them boys sum suckas
    Smoke like fire crack
    It was a hustle
    A million men
    Can’t tell me bout my life
    So it’s fuck em

  • March 17, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    This dat ill shit
    Bad boy
    Word to will smith
    These niggaz talk like they live
    My bars is da kill switch
    Up up and away
    Chef on any beat like rae
    We deep like wu tang
    Ma homey gooney high nooney at ya face
    But im kool
    Play it smooth like silk sheets
    Y'all soft like like lenin
    My shit hit harder than concrete
    Im way ahead of em for sure
    If this was considered a money race
    Ya bitxh on ma dick cause she bored
    You simp niggaz aint got taste
    Lookin krazy what you doin?
    Broke boi got da screw face
    I shit on whatever you doin
    Posted on third
    Right to home plate

  • March 17, 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Ive been staring at the ceiling
    Turning down all of these hoes
    All this henny got me feeling
    Like im hanging by a rope

    burning up the double dutches
    Just so i could dodge my woes
    They been sleepin on my music
    But they claimin that they woke

    Im on hold like 442 pls no hitting up my celly
    See my name on 103 had to open up the telly
    Pls dont step into my mentions aint no linkup aint no telling
    When im writing all these verses
    Bitch u know its autotelic

    When i cut ur ass up feeling like a shinobi
    All these hoes gassed but i know they below me
    When i cut the grass up all these snakes they be phone
    Im brrrt bitch i feel like im tony


    Why u claim that u ballin but u pullup in a hyundai
    Say u getting paper but u faded on a monday
    Say u living fast but u drivin in the wrong lane
    Say u getting money but u spend it on the wrong things

    Say u got these hoes but they tell me they dont know u
    Saying that u change but i know ure still the old u
    U been riding trends while u claimin that u old school
    Saying that u with it but u stumble off the soju


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