Frieza Saga in a Nutshell

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Here’s my fully accurate retelling of the Freeza Saga.

After 3 years of work, here it is, enjoy! (yes 3 years)

More Credits:
PhantomArcade – SFX for first scene and first Goku vs Frieza fight, plus some funny stuff
Dirtblort – Namek, Goku’s kamehameha hand model

Songs in order:
DBZ Budokai – World Tournament Theme #2
Original Funimation DB Opening (Extended)
DBZ Dokkan Battle – AGL Captain Ginyu OST
DBZ Dokkan Battle – Ginyu Force Story Event
DBZ Raging Blast – A Moment
Sonic 3 – Angel Island Zone Act 1
DBZ Kakarot – Battle Against a Fierce Foe
DBZ Raging Blast – Final Confrontation
DBFZ – Bardock’s Theme
DBZ Kakarot – Fight to the Death
DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi – Adventurous Spirit

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