With Season 3 of Atlanta fast approaching, we’ve been given news that Season 4 is also complete. The fourth season will be the show’s final, rounding out the events and sending the story off without overstaying its welcome.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Season 3 of Atlanta is slated for debut on March 24th, 2022. The long awaited return comes after an extended hiatus, stretching way back to 2018’s Season 2 finale. Worldwide COVID-19 measures, alongside the stars having their hands in other works, created the lengthy pause and left fans in ceaseless anticipation. Season 3’s announcement was met with immense joy from viewers, hoping to follow Earn’s agitated and turbulent life journey.

The news of Season 4 being the ending struck a bittersweet chord, but fans had a slight inkling of this possibility. Information surfaced regarding the filming of both Season 3 and Season 4 in conjunction, with no fifth season in the works. While this isn’t much to go on, some critical thinkers accurately surmised that Season 4 would be the ending. These thoughts have received confirmation in the form of statements from John Landgraf, FX lead and frankly, a great source of information:

“The fourth and final season is slated to debut in the same manner this fall. The new season is everything you’ve come to expect from ‘Atlanta,’ which is to say, expect the unexpected. Sit back and enjoy the trip.”

The third season will see a Spring airdate, while the fourth will come in Fall.

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