GTA Type Sh*t: Hospital Patient Stole A Police Cruiser And Crashed Into Other Cop Cars!

Two police officers were injured Monday after a patient at Regional Medical Center stole a police car and crashed into another patrol in San Jose.

The incident occurred at around 2:30 p.m.

Cell phone video from a witness showed the San Jose patrol SUV going in circles before taking aim at another police SUV and ramming into it just outside the hospital.

The suspect was arrested.

Jose Munoz shot the video and watched it all go down.

β€œStuff went berserk from that point on. I was like, I couldn’t believe it I was just trying to get home from work,” said Munoz.

Police said the suspect was a patient at Regional just feet away from the crash. The patient started fighting with security then ran out of the hospital. Posted By Ghost

2022-02-10 04:06:19