Hoping to lay these rumors to rest, Gunna is addressing reports that he was involved in a cryptocurrency scam. Back on January 31, Gunna’s Twitter account tweeted: ” “Ay @pushinpeth making a crypto metaverse for us! @shanemooncharts backing the project, I know this is gonna fly. IM TAKING THIS TO THE MOON JOIN THE TELEGRAM HERE.”

“Pushin Peth” sounded much like Gunna’s viral “Pushin P,” but soon, the public began to question if this was a “rug pull.” That is a term associated with scams involving investors having the rug pulled from under them by cryptocurrency developers or creators who often exaggerate their worth and take off with investors’ funds.

Victor Boyko / Stringer / Getty Images

Those in the crypto world believed that Gunna was orchestrating some sort of scheme and soon, his name became the talk of the scene. After making headlines over potential fraud, Gunna returned to Twitter to deny that he tweeting anything about Pushin Peth.

“To my followers and fans ! I didn’t know anything about this ‘pushin peth’ Scam,” he wrote earlier today (February 7). “Someone hacked my twitter and I immediately deleted the tweet ! I would never co sign any fraud or scams privately or publicly ! And I’m extremely sorry to anyone how was scammed !”

Check out the tweet below and let us know if you think Gunna was hacked.