Gunna has been having himself a huge moment right now thanks to his hit single “Pushin P” which has created a whole movement on social media. Gunna has been trying to preach the gospel of “P” and it has led to plenty of potential brand deals that Gunna is certainly interested in exploring.

For instance, Gunna was on the latest episode of Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping,” and during the show, Joe La Puma asked Gunna about the Nike Store’s tweet about “Pushin P.” Gunna went on to say that he is in talks with Nike and that something could very well be in the works.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Gunna also got to talk about the plain white Nike Air Force 1 Low, which is Gunna’s go-to sneaker. The artist actually came out and said that the shoe is the best sneaker ever made, and that it is just so versatile that it has to be one of his go-to’s every time he leaves the house.

“They go with damn near everything, so it’s like, they my go-to’s,” Gunna said. “Even when I’m performing, I might not want to wear the Dior’s on stage to this show because I’m finna just go crazy. So Imma go Air Force 1s, you feel me.”


This is probably going to be a hot take for some, while others will wholeheartedly agree. With that being said, give us your thoughts on Gunna’s take, in the comments down below.