As the year comes to a close, we can look back at some of the best series to hit the airwaves and luckily for HBO, they’re a trusted destination for some of the best, most addictive content that fans have streamed in 2019. Aside from the ultra-popular Game of Thrones, HBO is known for Avenue 5, The Outsider, Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm and many more. This year, the latest offering to hit the catalog was Euphoria. 

The wildly popular show pulled in lots of fans thanks to Drake being just one of the executive producers. The premise is based on 17-year-old Rue who leaves rehab and has no plans on staying clean. The series depicts her life and youth struggles, as well as those she goes to school with and sees at any given party or event on the weekends. The last episode of season one left fans (and myself) on the edge and while we patiently wait for news on when season two arrives HBO has given us hope that it will be in 2020 based on the latest trailer of what’s to come next year. 

While the clip provides no information on where the new episodes will kick off, it does provide us with a confirmation that the network is working on it – along with dozens more of their series.