America is facing the fallout of yet another school shooting, this time in Idaho. Yesterday (May 7), reports circulated that there had been a shooting at Rigby Middle School in Rigby, Idaho. Exact details of what occurred are still being pieced together by authorities, but it has been widely reported that the shooter has been identified as a sixth-grade girl.

The child is said to have reached inside of her backpack, pulled out a gun, and began to open fire, injuring three.

Two students and a member of the school’s staff, a custodian named Jim Wilson, were shot before Krista Gneiting, an eighth-grade math teacher, disarmed the child. It has been reported that all victims will recover from their injuries and Wilson has been released from the hospital. As of Friday morning, the two students remain hospitalized but a doctor shared that they might be able to return home before the day’s end.

The school suspended classes in order for students to take a “mental health day.” The sixth-grade shooter is being held in juvenile detention. Gneiting has praised for her efforts in stopping a shooting that could have turned deadly. She shared her gratitude for the kind words over on Facebook.

“My heart is touched by all the incredible outpouring of love I’ve received,” she wrote. “Thank you. I don’t want money. I just appreciate the incredible support of Rigby!!! I love my students so much! It is why I teach!!” A GoFundMe set up for Wilson has reportedly reached over $20K. Check out news broadcasts covering the frightening event below.