“I’m Double Vaxxed, Boosted, Flu & Mingles Shot & Haven’t Gotten Covid” Comedian Faints On Stage.. Seconds After Saying That.. Fractured Her Skull!

“Just having delivered her line, McDonald collapsed and hit her head on the floor, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to TMZ.

The news comes as fellow comedian Chelsea Handler had been hospitalized and forced to cancel some of her upcoming shows for her comedy tour, although there is no connection with the incidents.

Many initially thought it was just part of McDonald’s act but the audience soon realised something was not right.

An EMT nurse who was in the crowd then rushed up on stage to provide first aid.

An ambulance was called and paramedics tended to McDonald.

The comedian later told TMZ that she had felt rather dizzy when she was up on stage and then just collapsed adding it had never happened to her before.” – The-Sun
“McDonald had “consumed no alcohol prior to or during the show,” added the statement. Comedian Heather McDonald has suffered a skull fracture after collapsing during a stand-up performance Saturday in Tempe, Arizona.” – Today.com
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2022-02-09 11:35:59