Through listening to J. Cole, realizing the name of his group, label, and a few projects, it’s easy to ascertain that he is an avid supporter of making dreams into a reality.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Dreamville label owner and head member of the team, as far as music goes as well, Cole oftentimes speaks on how hard it was to get to where he is from where he began. He enlists those with the same drive and hunger to his team, surrounding himself with the same energy that he puts into all that he does. Cole has even been quoted in the song “No Role Modelz” stating that “Martin Luther King would’ve been on Dreamville.”

Now, with the notoriety and position he’s been blessed with, Cole seems to be opening up more opportunities for those fighting to get where they aspire to reach. Another thing that goes hand in hand with J. Cole‘s story is hoops. He played ball in school, eventually leading to a brief stint as a player for the Rwanda Patriots, a team in the Basketball Africa League. His most recent venture, at least as of now, seems to be gearing towards those with basketball dreams.

He posted a video on his Instagram page, one which featured viral sensation and incredibly talented basketball player Hansel Enmanuel:

The video also appeared on a new Instagram page, simply named Dreamer, alongside a new logo signifying a collaboration with Mitchell & Ness:

We’ll continue to keep you updated on J. Cole and Dreamer related news as more information is released. Keep checking back with HNHH to stay in the know.