J. Cole and Colin Kaepernickhave become very good friends over the past few years, and whenever Kaepernick is attempting to do something whether it be in athletics or in philanthropy, Cole has been there to support him. These days, Kap is looking to create a documentary about his life with Spike Lee, and he is still training hard to potentially get a call from an NFL roster.

Cole has taken notice of Kaepernick’s work ethic, and it led to a post on social media yesterday, where Cole spoke about Kap’s dedication to football, and how the man needs to be given another chance. Cole is currently praying for Kaepernick, and he believes something good is going to come, very soon.

Rich Graessle/Getty Images

“Imagine 5 straight years spent waking up every day to train at 5am, staying ready in hopes that some team would reach out with an opportunity, no matter how impossible that sounded most days,” Cole wrote. “He probably finishing up today’s workout as I type this right now. I see you bro, and I know God is with you. I pray the day soon comes when you get to play the game you love at the highest level again. I believe. And I haven’t forgot. RESPECT.”

Considering Kaepernick got an opportunity to showcase his talents in front of teams a couple of years ago, it seems unlikely that he will get signed by a team going into next year. Regardless, there are still fans who want to see it happen, and if Kap does get into the NFL, then it will certainly become a major story.

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