For three years, NBA player J.R. Smith has been married to his wife Jewel Harris. They have a loving blended family that includes three beautiful daughters, but just days ago, J.R. was caught up in rumors that he may have been cheating on his wife with The Flash actress Candice Patton. After letting the gossip run around the internet, Jewel decided to address the rumors on her Instagram page by offering up a tear-filled prayer for her family.

“It’s hurt, it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is,” Jewel said before praying. She began by asking for forgiveness for her sins before speaking about her husband. “Go to him where he’s at right now and shake him up, God,” Jewel said. She prayed for the protection of her children “in the midst of this foolishness.”

Through her tears, she stated that “everyone” is hurting because of these rumors, including Candice. “Please, just mend her heart, Father God. For her to go out and seek a married man. Father God, I just pray that you give her grace and mercy through all of this.” She later said that she’s praying for J.R. and Candice despite “how they’ve come against me.” Adding, “Please forgive them, Lord, because they do not know the path of destruction that is before them, for coming against [me].”

LeBron James’s wife Savannah and The Game‘s ex Tiffney Cambridge both offered their love and support of Jewel on Instagram. Watch Jewel’s heartfelt, emotional prayer below.

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