It’s already been over a year since Jack Harlow’s debut studio album That’s What They All Say arrived, and by now, even the rapper is cracking jokes about how badly his fans want to hear new music. On Thursday, February 10th, the 23-year-old shared some very exciting news with his fans – a single will be arriving next week.

In a minute-long trailer posted to his Instagram page, Harlow can be seen in a therapist’s office, venting about his problems. “I mean, I guess I’m just wondering… Is it possible to be in love with two people at once?” he asks his doctor.

“Anything’s possible, Jack,” she responds. “But let’s shift focus, how’s work going?” When Harlow is unable to find any words, his therapist chimes in with, “I’m sensing a little bit of stress.”

“So you still haven’t picked a new single?” she asks the rapper, who looks up at her in confusion. “What the-” he begins, as she interrupts him, saying, “I’m just saying, this is our 20th session. It’s a little overdue, even my daughter’s asking me, ‘Mom, when is he gonna drop his new song?'”

The “HEY BIG HEAD” hitmaker replies, “Well, look… How old is your daughter?” earning him plenty of laughs in the comments.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

As Harlow and his therapist continue to work through his problems, she asks the Kentucky native what he needs, pushing him to the realization, “I need to drop.”

Check out the comedic clip for yourself below, and check back in with HNHH next weekend to hear Jack Harlow‘s new single.