Jack Harlow is one of the hottest new rappers of his generation.Β The MC from Kentucky isn’t afraid to be himself, and his music seems to only get better with each release as he showcases his versatility and ear for infectious production. Another reason fans adore the young star in the making is his unshakeable confidence.

As mentioned earlier, the confidence was on full display Wednesday afternoon when Harlow tweeted that nobody in his generation could see him making music. Sending a warning shot towards his peers, Harlow stated tweeted, “No one in my generation can fuck with me. You will see tomorrow.” What’s tomorrow, you ask? Well, according to Harlow, that is when his latest single, “Nail Tech,” is slated to drop on February 18th, serving as the genesis of his follow up to one of 2020’s out-of-left-field projects, That’s What They All Say.

(Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS)

With “What’s Poppin” serving as TWTAS‘ lead single back in 2019/2020, Harlow quickly rose to the top of the charts and into the mainstream consciousness of America’s pop culture landscape. His popularity and legend simultaneously grew last summer as Lil Nas X enlisted the Kentucky-spitter for the smash hit “Industry Baby,” a single that also sent shockwaves throughout the charts.

So, with all this sudden success, it would make sense for Jack Harlow to brag. While we don’t know what “Nail Tech” is about so far, the title on the surface implies that the song will feature subject matter about nails.

Still, with Jack Harlow’s nails being a focal point for his fans enamored with how clean they are, the interpretation is a bit tricky to assume as of now. Regardless of whatever the song is about, one thing is for sure; Jack Harlow is confident it’s going to be better than what his peers are offering these days.Β