Jack Harlow is building some good press en route to his latest single, “Nail Tech,” due February 18th.Β The Kentucky rapper has managed to land another crazy deal, this time in joining the New Balance family as a brand ambassador.

In following their plan for their brand ambassadors, New Balances has plans for the chart-topping rapper to make appearances in commercials for the sneaker company marketing campaigns, and, given the rapper’s affinity for the sport of basketball, will serve as NB’s connection to the cultural happenings in and around the basketball sport. It all just makes sense when you think about it.

(Image via New Balance)

Harlow will be featured in Cleveland’s NBA Celebrity All-Star game this weekend and, according to New Balance, the “What’s Poppin” rapper will be using his floor time to debut a brand new New Balance performance basketball shoe in action. In celebration of his new role, Jack Harlow has a moment of nostalgia recalling his childhood and how much the NB brand was a part of his life, saying, “I have been rocking New Balance since I was a kid, so to officially join the brand in this way is really exciting,” Harlow said. “I’m excited to peek behind the curtain and work with the brand more.”

In joining the NB brand ambassador family, Harlow is now a part of a roster that includes the likes of Coco Gauff, Jaden Smith, Kawhi Leonard, Storm Reid, Sydney McLaughlin, just to name a few. While we don’t know whether or not Jack Harlow will be getting his own signature shoe, it’s still dope to see Hip-Hop have another artist becoming an integral part of a sneaker’s marketing campaign and brand identity.Β