Jackboy asked fans on his Instagram Live, “please don’t mention no beef,” after bringing up his recent issues with Kodak Black.

“I’m starting to feel like this shit fake as f*ck. I be safe as f*ck. I be seeing n*ggas down South. I be all in the malls and sh*t. Man, this sh*t fake as f*ck. Nobody be having no type of ‘Gremlin’ energy when they see a n*gga,” Jackboy said, referencing Kodak Black’s song “Super Gremlin.”

“I’m starting to feel like this beef for views or some sh*t,” the “Don’t Force My Hand” rapper went on to say, “This shit police as f*ck.”

Kodak Black and Jackboy had an initial falling out seemingly via social media, in summer of 2021. Since that time, the two have continuously targeted each other online and in real life, with Kodak Black threatening a lawsuit against Jackboy on more than one occasion. It remains unclear why the two fell out.

Jackboy continued to allege that Kodak Black is not what he seems in his Instagram Live, saying, “That boy is not no f*cking killer. That boy is a rapper. That boy is an artist, man. That boy is a recruiter. You’re ass a recruiter, not a shooter.”

Check out the Instagram Live video below.