James Harden is officially a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, and over the past five days, it has become crystal clear that he’s happy to be out of Brooklyn. For about a month straight, the media was reporting about a rift within the Nets locker room, and how Harden was at the center of it. Where there is smoke there is fire, and in the end, it led to a blockbuster deal in which Harden was traded for none other than Ben Simmons, who wanted out of his respective situation.

Today, Harden had his first press conference with the Sixers, and he had some interesting comments about his former team. As Harden explained, Philly was his first choice last season as he was looking to leave the Houston Rockets. “The last year has been a lot of ups and downs, a lot of stress,” Harden explained. Clearly, being in Brooklyn was bumming him out. 

Harden then went on to talk about his partnership with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Harden admits it could have been great, however, they were only ever able to play a total of 16 games together, which simply wasn’t enough.

“Me, Kyrie, and KD on the court and winning covers up a lot of that stuff. It was unfortunate that we only played 16 games,” Harden said.

With Harden on the Sixers, he will now look at aid Joel Embiid as the Sixers vie for a high seed in this year’s Eastern Conference playoffs. For Sixers fans, this is exciting as it is the makings of something special.