JAY-Z or Lil Wayne? Who had the strongest prime of their rap careers? Hip-hop fans on Twitter are arguing after a viral tweet was sent out by @YeezyTaughtMe72, a popular account on the platform, claiming that Tunechi had a better prime than Hov.

While both artists are certified hip-hop legends, their careers have taken them on very different paths. The two are moguls in their own right but on the music end, despite their collaborations on songs like “Mr. Carter” and “Hello Brooklyn 2.0,” their avenues haven’t always been adjacent. As the hip-hop community argues on whether or not Wayne actually had a stronger prime than Hov, some are claiming that @YeezyTaughtMe72 didn’t actually come through with a scorching hot take. Others are debating that Tune doesn’t have anything to face off against Jay’s Reasonable Doubt. 

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For Wayne, it’s a little clearer to pinpoint a moment in time where he was truly in his prime, destroying the mixtape circuit with consistent releases. As for JAY-Z though, it’s more difficult to determine a time when he was at his best. Throughout his career, he has performed at a very high level. One fan said that 4:44 is arguably one of his best albums, which thousands agreed with, and that dropped at the later end of his career.

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