Giving back to the community and “paying it forward” has been a part of the DNA of Jeezy’s career. Yes, the rapper is known for being a legend in the industry and has amassed successes that were bred in the studio, but Jeezy has also made it imperative that whenever he can, he will share his time and platform to those in needβ€”and recently, such was the case for a boy named Andre.

On Instagram, Jeezy shared that he had a chance run-in with Andre while traveling and learned that he was battling cancer.

“Meet Andre, he’s 11 and one of the bravest young Kings I know,” the rapper wrote alongside several photos. “I met Andre on my flight to Memphis. Overheard he was battling stage 3 cancer and was on his way to Memphis for treatment. Offered him my first class seat so he can go to treatment like the boss he is. In taking his seat, I spoke with his amazing and strong mother. She told me about how mighty of a fighter her son has been.”

“I invited Andre and his mother to my show. And like a boss he pulled up. Let’s show Andre some love.” Several rappers, actors, and entertainers took to Jeezy‘s comment section to praise Andre for bravely fighting cancer. Check out Jeezy’s post below.