Jim Jones documented an unpleasant visit to the Gucci store yesterday where he was getting some drip for a music video shoot. The rapper took to Instagram where he said that he was racially profiled by the store’s employees. Despite being in the VIP section of the store, he said the service didn’t reflect that and was ignored for hours as he tried to get the attention of a manager. Eventually, he and his crew left to spend their money elsewhere.ย 

Al Bello/BIG3/Getty Images

HNHH caught up with Jim Jones on Wednesday afternoon after the clip went viral on social media. Though he appeared to be in better spirits, he explained that the situation just didn’t sit well with him. However, he doesn’t have any intention of joining the cancel culture bandwagon. “Respect is everything, man,” he explained. “I don’t want people to take it wrong. I don’t cancel anything. I’m not part ofย cancel culture but I do voice my opinion when I see something that doesn’t sit right with me and I’m always going to do so.”

He explained that it’s not as if he went to a McDonald’s and they messed up his order. “I go into one McDonald’s and they make me a fucked up order and I don’t like it, don’t think I’m gonna stop eating McDonald’s,” he continued,ย “but if I see something that alarms me, I’m gonna make it be known. And you’re going to have to understand and answer some questions of why I was being treated like that.”

While the rapper didn’t go into too much detail about the situation, he did say that there is “more to come.”ย