Jimmy Butler is one of the hardest-working and most aggressive players in the entire NBA right now. He is an extremely competitive guy, and in the eyes of many players around the league, he is someone you do not want to play against on any given night. His play has helped propel the Miami Heat to first place in the Eastern Conference standings, and at this point, they are a real threat to go all the way to the NBA Finals.

Recently, Butler was interviewed by Complex, where he got to speak on a whole host of topics. One element of the game that was touched on was the fact that these days, there are no more brawls between teams. While the rivalries remain intact, the league just simply doesn’t allow for players to get into it like they used to.

When asked about this, Butler noted that he would love to see old school NBA rules come back, however, it’s unlikely that this would happen.

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“I just think the game has changed in a lot of ways,” Butler said. “They’re not letting you get into no brawls no more. Nobody’s going to let you do that. I wish that they would let us do that a little bit, if I’m just being honest. I really do think they’re still there. The game has just changed. It’s not as much banging and knocking people to the ground anymore. You can’t do it like that—you get a flagrant 1, a flagrant 2, a tech, something. I wish it would go back to that time.”

Butler’s opinion is one that fans probably agree with. Unfortunately, however, the NBA has been very adamant about making sure brawls don’t happen, especially following the Malice at the Palace.

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Jimmy Butler

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images