It has been an ongoing season of change and transition for Joe Budden. Not only has he been building his own media network, but the world had a front-row seat to the dissolving of hisΒ professional, and personal, relationships with his former podcast co-hostsΒ Rory Farrell & Jamil “Mal” Clay. The longtime friends and collaborators had a bit of controversy regarding what was going on behind the scenes. Parties have since parted ways and The Joe Budden Podcast has found new co-hosts, and now, Budden is showing off what a little hard work can do.

On Instagram, Budden shared a screenshot of Edison Research’s list for the Top 50 Podcasts in the United States in 2021. The Joe Budden Podcast managed to snag the 37th position and the rapper-turned-talk show host shared why this accomplishment carried significant importance.

Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty Images

Over the image, Budden wrote:

Independent. No backing. Black owned. New co hosts. No ads. No integrations placed in the audio. Opened the market. Said no to offers. Staffed over 30 through a pandemic. No loans. No gimmicks. No guests. No handouts. Just Joe. Some of y’all know who the **** i am.

The praise soon poured in as people applauded how far Budden has come, especially during a time when manyΒ condemned him and believed his podcast could never recover. Check out the post below.