After A$AP Rocky and Rihanna broke headlines last week revealing “how the gang pulled up to black history month,” Joe Budden said he was “super happy for them,” on a recent episode of his podcast. 

Budden is also putting his grudge against Rocky behind him, as he congratulated “the power couple” on their pregnancy reveal, announcing “this is the final stab to my A$AP Rocky hate. I have to stop hating him.” 

“She looks happier than ever,” the podcast host said. “It’s a different look. Love does that to you. I couldn’t be more ecstatic for them.” 

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Budden confessed to having his own reasons for being ecstatic about the news, in keeping with the viral trend that hit social media following the announcement, he encouraged Drake to work on Take Care 2 and revealed he’d be excited to receive it.Trolls began posting memes of the Canadian rapper after he was seen looking disappointed at a Raptors game, insinuating that because of this heartbreak, we would soon be receiving a second installment of Take Care

As his crew laughed at him, Budden responded, “Y’all think I was gonna lose Rihanna music, A$AP music we lost a little while ago, but it looked like there was gonna be more,” he said. “You know you gotta give me something. Take Care 2 is coming.” 

 Cole Burston / Getty

Cole Burston/Getty Images

Drake’s album Take Care is known as one of his most emotional projects with songs relating to lost love and heartbreak, while also being one of his best bodies of work as a whole. Budden and his crew discussed the Toronto rapper’s previous public display of affection towards the Barbadian singer, “[Drake] really has professed his love and adoration and admiration for Rihanna on a big scale. He always spoke about them two as if it’s only ‘me and you’ at this level… That’s where it hurts.” 

Many are hoping that the Canadian rapper will reveal his true feelings about Rihanna’s pregnancy. Although, some are saying he already has after he unfollowed the two on social media. “A movie is on the way. And it better be some Spielberg sh*t” said Budden. 

Budden has openly criticized the Harlem-born rapper multiple times, even implying A$AP wouldn’t be able to sell out Madison Square Garden back in 2019. The rapper responded to his comments in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, “You know, I think it’s contradictions in his statement. It’s flawed but that’s his opinion. Everybody got opinions.”

His most recent critiques of the rapper stem from his response towards the Black Lives Matter protests. Budden revealed he had “always felt a way about some of the comments [the rapper] made about when all the murders and sh*t was happening,” referring to a past interview in which the Harlem rapper appeared to be unphased by the racially-motivated violence against black people because he “didn’t sign up to be no political activist,” and stated he didn’t want to talk about Ferguson because “I don’t live there!” 

After Budden and his crew agreed that the rapper’s position was “tone deaf,” Budden ended up defending him, saying, “Tone deaf can make you feel a way, and that’s not his fault, and I need to be more understanding. This year, I’m gonna try and do that.”

Although, Budden isn’t the only one who has put Lord Flacko on blast for those comments. The rapper has had to clarify his stance on BLM multiple times, even revealing that he didn’t quite understand the movement at first. In an interview with SHOWStudio, he said “it really should be, ‘does black lives matter to white people in America.” He went on to say, “when you ask me as a black man if black lives matter, ‘hell f*ckin’ yeah.’ but that’s not the question, so yes, Black Lives Matter. And my life.”

Check out the full podcast clip below.