Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals made a very unlikely run to the Super Bowl this year. They were expected to be one of the weakest teams in the entire NFL, but instead, they proved everyone wrong and made a deep run for the ages. Last night, the Bengals came extraordinarily close to winning the big game, however, the team could not score a single point in the fourth quarter, which left them in a vulnerable spot in crunch time. That’s when the Rams scored a touchdown late, all while the Bengals couldn’t get anything going on the final drive of the game.

Burrow had himself a respectable game, as he never turned the ball over, and managed to get himself a touchdown pass. Regardless, he will now have to wait another year before getting another crack at the Super Bowl, which is an opportunity that is never guaranteed.

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Following the game, Burrow took to social media where he addressed Bengals fans, noting that while things didn’t go according to plan, there is still hope beyond this season.

“Sorry we couldn’t get it done. Proud of our team and our fans. Love these guys,” he wrote.

The Bengals are a team with a bright future, and Burrow is wise beyond his years. With this offensive core, there is no telling what the Bengals can do over this next decade.