Joe Burrow is in just his second year in the NFL,Β and he is already going to the Super Bowl. No one would have thought that the Cincinnati Bengals would be in the big game this year, but alas, here we are. The Bengals will be going up against the Los Angeles Rams, and while the Rams are favored to win, fans are eager to see what Burrow can do, especially since he has been so good all season long.Β 

Today was the start of media week for the Super Bowl, and Burrow got to answer some pertinent questions from the media. At one point, Burrow was asked about what kind of advice he would give to young athletes, especially those who might have professional potential. As you can see, Burrow gave an answer that proves he is wise beyond his years.

Joe Burrow

David Eulitt/Getty Images

β€œFocus on getting better,” Burrow said before getting into the real meat of his advice.Β β€œDon’t have a workout and then go post it on Instagram and then go sit on your butt for four 4 days. Work in silence.”

Burrow makes some very good points, especially in today’s social media age. So many athletes are obsessed with social media, and sometimes, it can get them into more trouble than what it’s worth.

With Burrow playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, let us know if you think he’s going to win, in the comments down below.