Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are gearing up to play in the Super Bowl tonight and it should be quite the matchup. The Bengals are going up against a Los Angeles Rams team that is fully expected to win, and fans aren’t sure if the Bengals can get it done. Throughout these playoffs, the Bengals have consistently been the underdogs, except for in their Wild Card game, where they knocked off the Las Vegas Raiders.

Burrow has consistently been ice cold when it comes to his nerves and based on his comments this week, it is clear that the moment is not too big for the QB. He knows what he is for, and he is excited to prove the entire football world wrong with this one game.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Upon arrival to the Super Bowl, Burrow is already exuding a ton of confidence. In the posts below from the Bengals Twitter account, you can see the QB coming in with a suit that will certainly grab your attention. It is mostly black and white, however, the gradient stripes will immediately catch your eyes and do a double-take. From there, Burrow had on a top hat and some shades, which brings the entire look together.

It is crystal clear that Burrow does not care what people have to say about him, and with the game just hours away, Burrow is looking to have a monstrous night, that could very well kick off his legacy-making career.