Joel Embiid has always been a bit of a troll on Twitter, and when something happens in the NBA, you can usually expect him to chime in with something cryptic. Of course, with the trade deadline just a couple of days away, there is no better time to get some tweets off than right now.

Today was especially hectic, as the Portland Trail Blazers traded CJ McCollum to the New Orleans Pelicans for a haul that does not inspire much confidence. With that being said, Embiid was quick to comment on the matter with a series of tweets that seemingly referenced Damian Lillard’s infamous “don’t run from the grind” mindset.

“Time to run. Time to Ratio. Time to counter,” Embiid wrote. After saying that it was time to run, many fans immediately felt like Embiid was throwing a subliminal shot at Lillard. Of course, the Sixers have been tied to Dame, and with Ben Simmons wanting a trade, and Lillard for Simmons swap could make a lot of sense.

In the Twitter quote tweets below, Sixers fans were excited about what Embiid was hinting at, while others were simply fascinated that Embiid would be so bold with his alleged tampering.

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