Kanye West has been attracted to lovers with bold personalities and scandalous lives in the past, and his current partner Julia Fox is no exception. During a recent juicy sitdown on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the 32-year-old opened up about her troubled teenage years, including the time she spent working as an underage dominatrix.

“It’s really like roleplaying, it’s acting,” the Uncut Gems actress told host Alex Cooper. “That’s kind of how I describe it. When people ask how did I get my start in acting, I’m like, ‘at the dungeon’, because I would have to improv multiple times a day, on very short notice.”

Fox clarified that she never actually had sex with any of her clients, but described a variety of scenarios that played out during her work, including “doctor/nurse and torture fantasies,” which she claims paid approximately $250/hour. 

“Through doing this, just for money, I ended up learning about my own sexuality which I’d never really had a chance to explore because my sexuality was always being used against me,” the 32-year-old explained to Cooper, adding that, before, her sexuality felt like “something to be guarded and protected and not something to be explored.”

“In this very controlled environment, I was also able to explore my own. There’d be times in a session where I’d be like, ‘Damn, this is horny as f*ck’,” she went on.

Elsewhere in the episode, the model recalled her younger years, when she dabbled in drug use and found herself running into trouble with the law. “I would show up [to court] high on ecstasy from the night before. I’d sometimes miss court too, and not show up at all. I didn’t care about what happened to me, I didn’t care about my future.”

Listen to Julia Fox’s full appearance on Call Her Daddy below.