Julia Fox Talks Kanye West, Dating Women, Going to Jail, and More (Full Interview) | ZIWE | SHOWTIME


Julia Fox talks to Ziwe about dating Kanye West, his Birkin bag gifts, and going to jail. In this full interview, she also talks about running for president, fashion, blonde women, abortion, slavery and the unusual requests she got working as a dominatrix. ZIWE returns November 18 to SHOWTIME.

0:00 Introduction
0:21 Men
1:05 President 2024
2:04 Penis Size
2:05 Kanye West
2:30 Birkin Bags
2:47 Best Friends
3:35 Becoming Crazy
4:00 Slave Play
5:05 Intermission
5:16 Dating
6:03 Black Friends
6:42 England
7:08 Degrees of Whiteness
7:57 Anna Delvey
8:03 Scammers
8:31 Privilege
9:27 Intermission
9:47 Men and the Patriarchy
10:24 Women’s Rights

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About ZIWE:
Never afraid to go there (or anywhere), ZIWE presents the hottest of hot button topics and she’s guaranteed to touch a whole lot of nerves. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Critical Race Theory, Gay Pride, Woke Capitalism and more but were too uncomfortable to ask. Plus, she’s bringing plenty of musical numbers, interviews, guest stars and hilarious sketches along for the ride.

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Julia Fox Talks Kanye West, Dating Women, Going to Jail, and More (Full Interview) | ZIWE | SHOWTIME

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