Kanye West has been steadily going after Pete Davidson this past week. After finishing his beef with Kim, Kanye is setting his sights on her brand new beau, who is being caught in the crossfire of divorce. Kanye seems to think that Pete is a huge dweeb, which is definitely an opinion that has been shared by others. 

Regardless, Kanye has found a brand new nickname for Pete, which was shared last night. In a deleted Instagram post, Kanye wrote “THE INTERNET HAS STILL NOT FOUND A DECENT PICTURE OF SKETE.” Simply put, Kanye is now referring to the comedian as “Skete Davidson,” which is truly hilarious on multiple levels.

Image via Ye

Since posting that picture, Kanye has since deleted the post, however, Kanye is back to his roast session this morning as he took to IG again, this time with a scathing critique of Davidson. As you can see in the post below, West writes “LOOK AT THIS DICKHEAD I WONDER IF INSTAGRAM GONNA SHUT DOWN MY PAGE FOR DISSING HILARY CLINTON’S EX BOYFRIEND.”

Now, Kanye is worried that he will get banned for his scathing critiques, although with the kind of pull West possesses, we’re sure his account will stay up for a very long time. After all, even the big bosses at Instagram have to be entertained by this stuff.

This is all part of Kanye’s newfound feud with Kid Cudi, and as it stands, things aren’t about to get better, anytime soon.