After wild news about Kim Kardashian allegedly telling people that Kanye West put a hit out on her, Kanye has been attempting to contact Kim directly.

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

The last few weeks have been comprised of conversations held through Instagram posts and the Notes app, subliminals and shots sent in each direction through the use of social media. Topics heavily reside in issues regarding how the pair will raise their children, displaying completely opposite viewpoints on how they’ll go about doing so. Kanye spoke on not wanting his daughter North to have a TikTok, and the situation escalated from that point on.

Kanye posted on Instagram that he received Kim Kardashian‘s number from Larry Jackson, world renowned producer and Creative Director at Apple Music:

Now it’s possible that the consistent and chaotic flood of Kimye news will begin to subside. Hopefully, direct contact allows for the two to hash out some of their issues in a private setting. That all depends on factors present in both of their personalities: their tendency to live publicly. If Kim opts out of responding to Kanye, this situation may go even a step further in this war of words.

The main reason publications, specifically those based in music, have reason for documenting this era is Kanye’s history of translating his life into his critically acclaimed catalog of music. Archiving the situations surrounding Ye, then hearing how he incorporates it into his work, gives deeper insight into what topics he’s speaking on. This is especially prevalent considering he is actively adding onto and finishing his upcoming album, Donda 2.

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