Kanye West has been going hard on Pete Davidson today, and it has made for some pretty wild posts on social media. After calling Pete “Skete” Davidson last night, Kanye has since deleted his posts and has started today off fresh with a plethora of IG musings that will certainly have fans talking for the next few days.

For instance, Kanye called Pete a “dickhead” this morning, which is something we were certainly not expecting. He went on to call Pete’s taste trash, especially as it pertains to his tattoo that depicts Hillary Clinton.

Now, Kanye is going after Pete’s dating history. In the post below, Kanye brings up a highly-contested article in which Davidson allegedly sent intimate pics of himself and Ariana Grande to Mac Miller as a way to get the late rapper to back off. These reports were ultimately denied, however, Kanye is certainly presenting them as fact, as he added the caption “NO COMMENT.”

From there, Kanye then leaked a supposed text message from Pete, in which the comedian tried to reason with Kanye, saying that he would love to someday meet his children and be friends. Kanye did not appreciate this at all, as he took to IG and wrote “NO YOU WILL NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN.” It was a pretty blunt response and one that Davidson will simply have to accept.

This is all getting very messy, although for now, Kanye doesn’t seem to mind. We will continue to follow this story, as it develops.