Kanye West has been in quite the battle with brands like GAP and Adidas. Luckily for Ye, he was able to cross one company off his list this week as GAP officially dropped their partnership with the artist. Ye’s public pressure worked, and it became clear that GAP did not want a headache on its hands.

Adidas has yet to budge, however, which was expected. Ye’s deal runs out in 2026 and Yeezy has proven to be a cash cow for the brand. With that being said, Ye took to Instagram last night where he levied some attacks at Adidas exec Torben Schumacher. Ye did not have many nice words for the man, as he even called him an “idiot.”

“Who are the real decision makers at adidas?” Ye said “Torben is a fucking idiot. Torben stole my designs. adidas stole my designs. They did the Balenciaga collaboration without my knowledge and then stopped my Balenciaga Gap shoes from going to market. Nobody call me and ask me if I’m sleeping. It’s war. We deaded Gap now it’s adidas time.”

Kanye then went on to make another post about fairness and how the only person who has been real is the owner of Harold’s. This led to a shot at John Legend and Kid Cudi, with Ye writing “HAROLDS REALER THAN JOHN LEGEND AND CUDI.”

Ye’s Instagram rants have been frequent as of late, and he won’t quit until he gets what he wants. Whether or not Adidas will make it happen, remains to be seen.