Multi-billionaire Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) is feeling generous this week, seemingly spreading the wealth and telling a fellow rapper that he wants to get him to the billion-dollar mark. According to a new post on French Montana‘s social media profiles, Ye texted him and told him that he plans to make him a billionaire.

As several music communities patiently wait for any news about Ye’s upcoming studio album, Donda 2, it appears as though the living legend is recruiting French Montana to his next studio session, sending him a text and explaining why he reached out while also telling him he plans toΒ get him to a billion dollars.

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

“Big bro a true leader outcheah,” wrote French on Instagram, sharing his latest text from Ye. The message reads, “This is why I reached out. Your mind and creativity. I’ll get you to the Billion.”

Over the course of his career, French Montana has stacked up millions and millions of dollars but it’s likely that he isn’t anywhere near the billion-dollar mark. Ye did not reveal what he plans to do to get French to earn a billion dollars but clearly, he’s confident. Do you think French will be featured on Donda 2?

Take a look at French Montana’s text from Ye below and let us know if you think French will become a billionaire in the next decade.