If you thought Kanye West was slowing down, you are mistaken. The Rap mogul recently shared a message about accountability and moving forward without all-caps messages, but it didn’t take long for him to return to his Instagram with a photo of estranged wife Kim Kardashian. West hasΒ taken over social media in recent days as he has offered public pleas for Kim to take him back, and his antics have caused the public to argue among themselves.

West’s supporters have been unwavering as they fire off messages and comments about the Rap icon doing the best he can to bring his family back together, but others, like activist Shaun King, have called WestΒ “abusive” and “problematic.”

Earlier today, a new account popped up on Instagram and it was reportedly Pete Davidson’s. The comedian’s name was included in the profile but people weren’t sure until a blue checkmark confirmed that Davidson has joined the ranks of IG. Not long ago, Kanye West reappeared on the platform to share a screenshot ofΒ Davidson’s profile and in the caption, he added, “FOLLOWED.”

Like many of West’s recent posts, he decided to delete it after going viral. While Ye may have pulled a post-and-delete, the follow remains. Check it out below.