Kids say the darndest things, and Kellyanne Conway is learning that nothing that goes on in her home is sacred. The former counselor to President Donald Trump has been singing the blues ever since her 15-year-old daughter, Claudia Conway, has become a social media star. Claudia regularly posts to her social media pages, particularly TikTok, where she shares her disgust withย Trump and his administration, her support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and arguments with her parents. Days ago, the teen shared that her mother had been coughing around the house after Trump revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis, and just hours later, Kellyanne Conway revealed that she, too, had coronavirus.

On Monday (October 5), Claudia Conway returned to TikTok to tell the world that she also tested positive for COVID-19. She recently posted, “I’m furious. Wear your masks.ย dont listen to our idiot f*cking president piece of sh*t. protect yourself and those around you.” Also posted on TikTok, Claudia Conway shared a video of her mother yelling at her about “lying” as well as another where Kellyanne Conway prompted her daughter to make a post stating that she “misinterpreted” what her mother told her about their COVID-19 tests.ย 

You can check out the messy family situation below.