In recent weeks, Kendrick Lamar‘s name has been buzzing (and yes, this was a reference to the song “YAH.” from his album, DAMN.)

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Ever since the announcement of aย West Coast Hip Hop led Super Bowl LVI Halftime performance, the anticipation for Kendrick Lamar’s reappearance has been taken to new heights. There wereย rumors swirling around him releasing a new single in conjunction with the Halftime Show, performing new music as part of the festivities, and even chatter about an album announcement after the big game. While none of this speculation came to fruition, this is still the most active Kendrick has been in years, which has given fans hope.

Along with performing on one of the grandest music stages of all, it has now been revealed that the Compton native will take part in a detailed Spotify podcast series titled The Big Hit Show. On said show, audiences will witness a deep dive into Kendrick’s 2015 masterpiece, To Pimp A Butterfly. As a multi-layered, critically acclaimed, Pulitzer Prize-winning personal and political exegesis, the series will take the album and “explore what happens when a wildly successful piece of pop culture gets so big that it changes the world. This show is about how big hits get dreamed up, how they get made, and what happens when we make them our own.”

A brief trailer revealed a few thoughts from the pioneer of rap’s current generation, explaining just a bit about the album’s intention: “Going back into the album, it was me explaining my experiences and what emotions it brought up from that experience. Tell them like, โ€˜Yo, itโ€™s something bigger than Compton and where we from.'”

In other recent Kendrick news, there’s potential for himย releasing new music before June 2022.

Kendrick Lamar‘s feature on The Big Hit Show will be available to stream through Spotify on February 16th.