This year has not been a good one for NBA officiating. In fact, it feels like the refs get increasingly worse, every single year. The league has a bit of a problem on its hands, and players have been complaining all season long. While some feel like the players are exaggerating, even the fans have noticed that the officials are inconsistent, and very rarely make the right call when presented the opportunity.

A great example of this happened last night as Austin Rivers was kicked out of his game against the Indiana Pacers. The reason? Well, he faked an elbow to the head of Lance Stephenson, and the latter sold it so well that it had the official fooled. From there, Rivers was simply shocked and took to Twitter after, saying “Never in my life have I been thrown out of Game for something so ridiculous.”

It was such an egregious act of incompetence from the officials, that even Kevin Durant had to get in on the action. He also went on Twitter and simply wrote “this is embarrassing.” Fans could not help but agree with the Nets superstar, as the ejection was easily one of the worst calls in recent NBA history.

Hopefully, the NBA can look at this and get things sorted out because right now, the league does not look particularly good.