Kevin Durant wasn’t in the lineup as his Brooklyn Nets took on the New York Knicks last night, although that did not stop him from being in the building. Durant was sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden with pride, and while the Nets got off to a very poor start, Durant continued to support his teammates, who mounted a huge comeback in the second half and ended up winning the game.

Knicks fans were simply incredulous at what had happened,Β so much so that Stephen A. Smith went on an epic rant in which he told fans to boycott the team, moving forward. In fact, the Knicks fanbase was curiously quiet last night, and Durant took full notice.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Following the game, the Nets star took to Twitter where he said “Nets fans were loud in the barc….I mean the garden tonight.” This is a particularly good troll when you consider how Nets fans have been roasted in the past for not being real fans. In many ways, they are treated like Los Angeles Rams fans, so to have them make more noise than Knicks fans at the Garden, is definitely a huge slight.

As far as the Nets are concerned, this was a huge win for the team as they had gone on a pretty dramatic losing skid. Now that Ben Simmons, KD, and Kyrie will be taking to the court together soon, this team is sure to go on a deep run once the postseason hits in a couple months time.