Kodak Black may be behind bars at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t browsing social media from time to time. The South Florida rapper was perusing Instagram on Friday, when he came across a photo of one of his idols, Drake, and decided to show his love for theĀ “Life Is Good” rapper.

Drake shared two photos of himself in a post on January 4th wearing a white Nike hat and showing off hisĀ recently pierced ears. Of course, since Kodak doesn’t have access to IG at all times, he didn’t see the photos until 6 days later on January 10th.Ā Despite the fact thatĀ Mr. Champagne Papi has plenty of more recent posts,Ā Kodak chose toĀ share his feelings on this one. “I Am Your Biggest Fan Sir. I Love Your Music Sir,”Ā he wrote in the first comment, followed by a separate comment stating, “If We Canā€™t Do A Whole Album Together, I Never Want To Do A Song With You Sir.” TheĀ love and respectĀ is definitely mutualĀ forĀ Drake, as heĀ gaveĀ Kodak immense praise when he dropped his album,Ā Dying To Love, back in 2018 beforeĀ he wasĀ sentenced to forty-six months in prison in NovemberĀ on charges related to obtaining firearms illegally. In December,Ā Kodak shared an awful story from his time in jail in which heĀ claimed to have beenĀ laced with drugs by prison staff and kept in solitary confinement in abhorred conditions.