Over the weekend, it was revealed that in an altercation at Justin Bieber‘s party, Kodak Black received multiple gunshot wounds. None of his injuries were serious, but fans were curious about the extent of them.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

During an afterparty in Los Angeles, a brawl broke out between Kodak Black and another attendee. The fight escalated to gunfire, wounding three people in the midst of the confusion. It was later revealed that Kodak had been wounded, and suffered non-fatal injuries. All three of the injured were then transferred to a nearby hospital, expected to make a full recovery. “Full recovery” still doesn’t detail the extent of the wounds, though, so fans were left to speculate.

As the weekend went on, more news pertaining to the incident was revealed. Most of the information was about the other celebrities in attendance. Some of the major names present at the after party include Lil Baby, Gunna, and Chloe Bailey, all of which seem to have left right before the confusion erupted. There was still no news or specifics on Kodak’s condition.

Fans were happy to receive some news by way of Kodak Black‘s Twitter. While he didn’t specifiy his injuries, he stated some of his plans for Sunday’s Super Bowl festivities: “Drake Say Box Seats Wit ‘Em @ Da SuperBowl . I Like Da Bengals BTW”

Considering the Super Bowl being mere days from him being shot, it seems as though Kodak Black is alright.

We’ll keep you updated on any news we receive in regards to his condition. Are you excited for Super Bowl LVI? Let us know.