Kyrie Irving has spent one year with the Brooklyn Nets and with Kevin Durant on his way back, it looks like the team will become immediate title contenders. While the jury is still out on this, the Nets are looking to get their fans excited for next season. As a way to do this, the team revealed that they would be bringing back their tie-dye blue and red jerseys from the franchise’s early years. These uniforms are iconic and Kyrie will get to wear them next season.

Irving went to the Nets in the first place because he grew up in New Jersey and wanted to play for his childhood team. While previewing the vintage jerseys, Irving spoke about his Nets fandom and how it is fueling him heading into next year.

β€œGrowing up a New Jersey Nets fan, especially in the tri-state area, it was a different pride you had to have,” Irving said. β€œI had that chip on my shoulder everywhere I went because I was that New Jersey kid. Sometimes in New York City or Philly or in D.C. or North Carolina and up the whole entire East Coast where it was big to rep where you were from and that was the attitude and mentality that I embodied and that went along with the Nets. I wanted to be like JKidd [Jason Kidd] growing up. The motivation for me was I was gonna make sure that when the Nets get back to the Finals, I’m gonna be part of this team and we’re gonna be winning this.”

While the Nets had a difficult season, they are poised to get to the top of the Eastern Conference, and with their current roster, they certainly have a great shot.