James Harden was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers yesterday in a deal that brought Ben Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets. This was a trade that had been theorized, however, no one believed it was actually going to happen. In the end, the NBA surprised us, yet again, and we got a deal that sparked a ton of memes, as well as hot takes from some of the biggest journalists in the basketball world.

Last night, after losing to the Washington Wizards, Kyrie Irving gave his reaction to the Harden trade, saying “James probably couldn’t see what we were getting into. Obviously, with my status being in and out, I saw a few things that maybe could have impacted things.”

Prior to this, a story from The Athletic claimed that Kyrie was actually happy to see Harden go and that he was looking forward to his exit from the franchise. As you can imagine, Kyrie did not enjoy this particular piece of reporting, so much so that he decided to respond to the article with some interesting comments.

“Lol I guess this is “breaking news” media nowadays,” he wrote. “Keep my family name out y’all Simpleton articles. The Puppets are running wild Again.”

Kyrie has had a hate-hate relationship with the media, and this latest post is another example of that. Of course, Harden’s exit is going to bring about rumors, and for the next few weeks, Kyrie is simply going to have to deal with that, whether he likes it or not.