Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving responded to rumors that the organization is going to trade James Harden, following the Nets’ 124-104 blowout loss to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. The game marked the Nets’ eighth straight loss.

“I think James can speak better to that than I can,” Irving told reporters afterward. “How all those kinda media plants start going around with rumors and stuff like that, I really do not concern myself with that. The few conversations we’ve had, he’s really committed and we hold him to his word. But obviously when we go to play games, we can’t even really think about it, so we would love to have him in the lineup but we want him at his optimal healthy. … We’ll let the rest take care of it but who knows, who knows what’s gonna happen.”

Jason Miller / Getty Images

Reports have claimed that the Philadelphia 76ers may be interested in a player swap between Harden and Ben Simmons.

Nets head coach Steve Nash told fans not to panic, despite the team’s current record: “There’s a good chance we’re in the play-in after the All-Star break, we’re not going to panic. There’s still plenty of games after the All-Star break when [Durant] gets back, where hopefully we have James and Kevin at home, and James, Kevin, and Kyrie [Irving] on the road. And hopefully LaMarcus [Aldridge] comes back and Nic [Claxton’s] available, you go down the line. At some point it’d be great to have Joe [Harris] back. So you’re talking about five guys it’s — that’s your starting lineup.”

The NBA trade deadline will prevent the team from moving Harden after February 10.