Kyrie Irving has always been adamant about not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Last season, Kyrie was willing to risk his season over not getting the jab, although New York eventually changed its rules which allowed Kyrie to get back on the court. Having said that, Irving has remained an advocate for freedom of thought, and he won’t be opting for the vaccine, anytime soon.

With the season just a month away, Kyrie hopped on Twitter today where he spoke about those who weren’t as lucky as him. Some people lost their jobs due to the vaccine mandates, and Irving believes this is incredibly unfair. Irving calls the vaccine enforcement anti-human rights, and there is no doubt he is about to create quite the stir.

Kyrie Irving

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

“If I can work and be unvaccinated, then all of my brothers and sisters who are also unvaccinated should be able to do the same, without being discriminated against, vilified, or fired,” Kyrie wrote. “This enforced Vaccine/Pandemic is one the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history.”

Kyrie and the Nets are about to embark on a season that could potentially be filled with drama. It is ultimately Kyrie’s choice as to how smooth this season will be, but everything we know about Kyrie tells us this might be another truly bizarre season.

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