Just last year, everyone remembers the debacle with Dennis Schroder and the Los Angeles Lakers. Schroder turned down a huge contract with the team, as he felt like he was worth more. In the end, Schroder got screwed out of the perfect contract, which forced him to take a discount contract with the Boston Celtics.

On Thursday, Schroder was traded to the Houston Rockets, and as it turns out, there was another team interested in him. According to a report from The Athletic, the Lakers were thinking of getting Schroder back, as they want to bolster the point guard position. In fact, the Lakers are even considering a signing of Schroder, especially if he gets bought out by Houston.

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Per The Athletic:

“The Lakers explored the possibility of trading for Schröder at the trade deadline, as The Athletic’s Bill Oram reported. While there remains some division internally among the Lakers’ decision-makers regarding Schröder after his uncomfortable departure last summer, there is interest in bringing him back as a backup point guard, according to league sources.”

This would truly be a bizarre reunion, however, stranger things have happened in the past. The Lakers are a team that is desperate for anything to work right now, and with this report, their desperation is truly shining through.

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Dennis Schroder

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