One of the most historic franchises in the entire NBA is the Los Angeles Lakers. They are a team that has been around ever since 1947 when they were actually located in Minneapolis. The Lakers remained in Minneapolis until 1960 when they eventually moved to Los Angeles. There is a lot of history there and this season, the team will be celebrating its 75th anniversary.

If you love the Lakers, then you know they are popular for their purple and gold jerseys. These are the uniforms they wear on most nights, and fans are pretty well used to this aesthetic from. Historians, however, are aware of the fact that the team used to have light blue jerseys with a little bit of gold trim.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

To help celebrate the team’s 75th anniversary, the Los Angeles Lakers have decided to pay homage to the franchise’s very first home jersey. As you can see in the announcement down below, the Lakers will be adding a new home jersey to the rotation. This uniform will have a white base, while the trim is blue and gold. 

The jersey is incredibly clean and even if you despise the Lakers with a burning passion, you can’t help but admit these are pretty fire. After all, historic jerseys always seem to play well to the fans.

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