Lala Anthony shows off her vacation body as she strolled through her resort in Nassau.

In a recent Instagram post, TV personality star, Lala Anthony, reminds her fans to “stop letting m*therf*ckers sleep on you,” with a popular Instagram Reels sound. She captioned the post, “Sometimes we all need a reminder [kissy face]”

The full affirmation sound says “You better stop letting these mother f**kers sleep on you like you ain’t god damn fine. Look at your fine a** looking fine as f**k today. You’re going to look fine as f**k tomorrow. Stop playing with these mother f**kers.”

Celebrities and fans took to the comments complimenting the star, with some even questioning if Anthony has undergo any surgery to look the way she does. 

“Not the bbl please lawd!” one user commented. “Drop the surgeon sis!” said another.

Anthony has not publicly admitted to having any work done, however, she has acknowledged the importance of a healthy diet. She even revealed to People back in 2020 she has “never been the person who wakes up and says, I can’t wait to workout,” although she has thanked her “lifestyle change” for her jaw-dropping figure.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

After the star’s marriage with Carmelo Anthony came to an end, she has mentioned being “in a new phase and chapter of my life.”  

Check out her Instagram video below.