Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens had a disappointing season as his team ultimately lost out in the final stretch of the year due to his injury. Had Jackson been healthy, there is a realistic chance that it would have been the Ravens and not the Bengals in the Super Bowl. With that being said, Jackson is still very excited about next year, and he has been contemplating some of the people he would like to play with.

One such player is none other than Antonio Brown, who has expressed interest in the Ravens. Brown was at the Super Bowl last night with Kanye West, and as it turns out, Jackson was in the neighborhood to go on what could only be described as a potential recruitment mission.


Steph Chambers/Getty Images

In the Instagram post below, Jackson could be seen standing next to Kanye West, Antonio Brown, and Justin LaBoy. This was a very interesting meeting of the minds, and it is clear that Jackson was excited to be in the presence of Ye and AB. It seems like if AB were to join the Ravens next season, he would be setting himself up for a fantastic relationship that both players could truly benefit from.

For now, the Ravens are saying that they are happy with their talent at wide receiver, however, they would be crazy not to consider Brown. They could get him on a minimum contract, and he still has the talent to be productive at a level that would make him WR1 on the Ravens.

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